Friday, August 16, 2013

Summer Post Round Up!

So I realize that we haven't posted since the breaking Ariel news from Comic Con, so I thought I'd give you a nice post round up before I head back to another sure to be awful year of school.

1. The Savage Blue is AMAHZING. Zoraida Cordova strikes again with a sequel that almost overcomes it's predecessor in terms of action, characters, witty dialog, and a sweet romance. I love all the new characters, and our returning favorites are back and better than ever. This book will drop some bombs and make you laugh, cheer, and want to take the next train to Coney Island. Highly recommended and be sure to look for out little blurb for the Vicious Deep in the front of the book!

2. The last book in the Lost Voices trilogy, The Twice Lost, is a beautiful, if mildly disappointing end to a stellar series. I was really disappointed with the ending of the novel, but the entire rest of it is absolutely beautiful and astounding. Again, we get a new cast of characters that add their own unique flavor to the book and make it even better than the last. The action and pacing are also big pluses, and this time, a lot of the conflict takes place on land, with (SPOILER ALERT DO NOT READ IF YOU HAVE NOT READ THE BOOKS) Luce's father, Dorian, and even some of the relatives and friends of the mermaids. The Twice Lost would be the greatest book in the trilogy were it not for the ending, which feels like such a let down compared to the beautiful rest of the book.

3. We hope you guys are enjoying the new Mako Mermaids series, and the latter half of season 1 will be on Netflix in September.

4. There are rumors of development on Joe Wright's long awaited mermaid film, but nothing is clear as of yet. Keep an eye on it!

Here's hoping that you all have a great rest of summer, work hard in school, and keep us updated on any news this post might have missed. Catch you around!