Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Rumor: Yuyi the Mermaid May Be Featured In Lady Gaga's Revamped Tour

It was a pleasant surprise last year when Lady Gaga revealed that she had created a mermaid alter ego for the video for her fourth single from Born This Way, You & I. Mermaid fans all over the world were watching eagerly for the video to premiere. Mother Monster even performed in the tail a few times, as well as featuring Yuyi in one of her Haus Of U fashion films, made to accompany You & I. 

This year, Gaga has completed the first leg of her Born This Way Ball tour to much acclaim, and is now on a break and reportedly revamping the tour, something she has done with her previous tours. Rumors have included video interludes, expanded set-list for the new material, and most promisingly for us mermaid fans, the return of Yuyi!

While nothing has been confirmed, there is a good chance that Yuyi will be included in at least a video interlude or set piece, if not a performance.

I know quite a few of our readers are Gaga fans, and I would be happy to hear anyone's reactions to this latest Yuyi news!


Forever by Ashley L. Knight RELEASED

Look what slipped past our radar! Ashley L Knight's finale' to her gorgeous and romantic "Fins" series has been unleashed!
We haven't been in touch with Ashley in a while, so we kind of maybe sort of forgot that this was coming out so soon!

Here's the Goodreads synopsis:
Her powers as The Link mastered, Morgan begins her marriage to Thayde with all the high hopes and expectations of any new bride. But happily ever after is just a phrase and her idyllic life is quickly interrupted by terrifying creatures, inconsolable loss and relentless adversaries. Forced to decide the fate of the entire merpeople species, Morgan must make the ultimate choice. Everything she has learned has brought her to this point, but is it worth sacrificing everything for everyone?

Welcome to the finale of The FINS Trilogy.

Forever is available on Amazon for e-readers. There are no reviews on the book yet, and I myself have yet to read it, but if you want to be the first, we'd be glad to hear your reactions!

Are you looking forward to the final chapter of trilogy?