Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Rumor: Yuyi the Mermaid May Be Featured In Lady Gaga's Revamped Tour

It was a pleasant surprise last year when Lady Gaga revealed that she had created a mermaid alter ego for the video for her fourth single from Born This Way, You & I. Mermaid fans all over the world were watching eagerly for the video to premiere. Mother Monster even performed in the tail a few times, as well as featuring Yuyi in one of her Haus Of U fashion films, made to accompany You & I. 

This year, Gaga has completed the first leg of her Born This Way Ball tour to much acclaim, and is now on a break and reportedly revamping the tour, something she has done with her previous tours. Rumors have included video interludes, expanded set-list for the new material, and most promisingly for us mermaid fans, the return of Yuyi!

While nothing has been confirmed, there is a good chance that Yuyi will be included in at least a video interlude or set piece, if not a performance.

I know quite a few of our readers are Gaga fans, and I would be happy to hear anyone's reactions to this latest Yuyi news!


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