Saturday, April 30, 2011

What Could Have Been....

Back in early 2005, the executive producers of the hit TV show Charmed, about three sisters who happened to be witches, began working on a pilot about a - yep, you guessed it - mermaid! The name of the pilot? Well, it's simple really. Mermaid! Here's information about the pilot as found on Wikipedia:

The series plot is centred on a mermaid, Nikki, who is rescued by a young man when she washes ashore in Miami. Her savior, Matt Johnson, is a lawyer living with a roommate and engaged to the daughter of his boss. Initially, he is in utter disbelief of Nikki's nature, until it is proven true. According to the series mythology, mermaids are a race of creatures whose evolution took place underwater. The mermaids originate from a sunken city and have supernatural abilities, including superhuman strength and agility, as well as being able to see in the dark, read emotions and have a connection with other sea creatures. However, another race of creatures who began their existence underwater, but have since adapted onto dry land, include Luger who is hunting Nikki. Nikki, meanwhile, attempts to enact a normal life by working as a waitress at a local restaurant while living with Matt and his roommate. She begins assisting Matt in his attempts to help people: as the villainous Luger assesses, mermaids are drawn to protecting the innocent, it's "in their blood".

The insanely gorgeous Australian actress Nathalie Kelley, as pictured to the left, was to portray Nikki in the pilot. While there are no photos of her in mermaid costume, here's what she probably would have looked like, as Alyssa Milano also portrayed a mermaid in an episode of Charmed and who is pictured to the right.

According to Wikipedia, due to budget restraints and the emergence of the CW Network, the show was passed on, but it would have been amazing if it had actually been made!

Would you guys have watched it? Do you think, with the recent onslaught of mermaids in the media, there might be a slight chance of this show reappearing? (Remember: this was six years ago, so I highly doubt it.)

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