Sunday, January 8, 2012

Are You Up For A Challenge?

It's a new year, and I'm super-excited about it. Why? Because this year is filled with mermaid books galore, and I'm ready for some heavy reading! But not only am I excited for all these mermaid books, I'm also really looking forward to the first ever MerBooks Reading Challenge.
For those aware of this blog's origins, it began as a group for mermaid-book lovers on the social networking site Goodreads. And for the first time since the group's launch, we're holding a year-long reading challenge. In a nutshell (read: seashell), you have a year to read ten mermaid books. Doesn't seem too hard, right?
If you want to join in on the fun, go here:
It's free to join Goodreads, and you'll be among the first to learn about upcoming mermaid books, talk with authors, and talk about all things mermaid!
Hope to see you there!


  1. Hey Garrett, Hey Randi! I am a huge fan of your blog and I love mermaids with all my soul! I just finished reading this incredible series about mermaids called Ingo by: Helen Dunmore! You should defiantly read and review it! Thanks for reading my comment!


  2. Hi, Victoria! Thanks for the comment! Ingo is high on my to-read list, and I think Randi's already read it. So expect a review of the book some time this year. Have you read the other four books? They're called The Tide Knot, The Deep, The Crossing of Ingo, and Stormswept. Stormswept is coming out later this year, and I'm really excited!

  3. Oh yes! I love the intire serise! I can't wait for Storswept! Thank you for reading my comment! :)

  4. Hey Garrett, I'm happy to go join up on Goodreads, but I also have a book blog. Lots of bloggers who host challenges post buttons for others to grab to keep track of what they're reading as well. Have you thought of making a button? Either way, I can put a post up about my goals and join on Goodreads. Thanks!

  5. Hey everybody! I never really liked reading untill I joined this blog!does anybody have any good books that are mermaid filled?I need some with a good review that are easy to find! Whatever works, thanks!

  6. hey I've started a FB page 'Mermaid Books' and I'd love to link to this blog :)