Saturday, July 7, 2012

The Handy-Dandy Reference Guide For All Things Mermaid

Today in Barnes & Noble, I was looking through the Mythology section and, almost hidden away among huge, thick books of fairy tales and myths, was a small, bright blue book with the word MERMAIDS stamped across the spine. Naturally, I picked it up, sat down, and started flipping pages. Here's the synopsis courtesy of Goodreads: The allure and mystery of mermaids has taken hold of our psyche for ages. From the Irish merrows who come on land to search for human husbands to the fake Fiji Mermaid made popular by P.T Barnum, these sea maidens (and sometimes men) can be found in folklore and mythology from every tradition in the world. Inside this captivating collection, complete with beautiful illustrations throughout, you'll discover the myths surrounding these enigmatic beings, explore the common symbols associated with them, and learn tales of merfolk from around the world. Dive into Mermaids and get swept away! Mermaids by Skye Alexander is a wonderful reference guide for all things related to mermaids. Nearly every culture from every time period and the mermaid myths surrounding them is explored. Yeah, we get the Sirens and Selkies like we're used to, but we also get the Mami Wata, Finfolkeem, Rusalky, and Native American mermaids. From the very first mermaid, Atargatis, to the recent Disneyland ride Ariel's Undersea Adventure, mermaids in culture and legend are explored. The book is filled with old-fashioned artwork of mermaids, like the famous Waterhouse painting and similar designs. The book's also really cute, a small, compact shape that can easily be carried around. It's also a great tool for an author of mermaid books, as it provides myths and legends that most people don't know about. I'm definitely going to be buying it, and I think it's a perfect book for a mermaid fan. Amidst all those wonderful mermaid novels coming out, a book that allows you to actually look up the legends that inspired the merbooks we know and love is a welcome addition. Anyone interested in world mythology-specifically mermaids-will find this book a wonderful treasure. :) Will you guys be checking out Mermaids: The Myths, Legend, and Lore?


  1. I saw this at the book store and REALLY wanted to buy it. Figured I'd check it out online to see if it was worth the purchase. But, yes. I do plan on making a copy of this book my very own. :)

  2. I bought it on Amazon the second after I saw this review! I can't wait for it to arrive!

  3. This book sounds great! Thanks for sharing!
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