Sunday, March 24, 2013

Review for The Scales of Six by Rosean Mile

Sorry this took so long, like got in the way. But I hope this review finds all of you wonderful followers either on Spring Break like me and enjoying it, or just enjoying your life in general.

Anyway, The Scales of Six is an unsettling little book that spans the spectrum of human emotion in all the best ways.

There are Hitchcock-like moments of suspense and horror, a little bit of romance, and some excellent courtroom drama. I really liked the mix of genres and how the novel doesn't try to pigeonhole itself into one little niche.

The characters were all wonderful. Kathy, the main subject of the novels events, is memorable even when her character is rendered mute. Gail and Frances are both wonderful, spunky, and excellent narrators, both different enough to differentiate who's narrating, but enough to keep a good consistent tone for the novel. All the side characters also had excellent characterization for their short time in the novel. These characters feel like people we'd know in real life, and in this case, that's not a bad thing.

I also really enjoyed all the hopping around to different places. It made the book really easy to escape into. The sequences in Jakarta and Sumatra were a lovely stark contrast to the urban places like New York, or the small town in Maine. You get a little bit of everything here.

As an older young adult and a reader who doesn't usually read horror, I can say that I really enjoyed the book and that a lot of you here on the blog will probably like it. The horror elements of the novel are more of the give-you-goosebumps sort than gore. A lot of the horror elements could even be put into the hard-core sci-fi category really.

I tore through this book in a day and really enjoyed it. It's like nothing I've ever read before, and it would adapt very well to cinema. It's got something for everyone. Highly recommended.

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