Monday, February 3, 2014

Artist Spotlight: Donato Giancola

Hi everyone! Been a while, I know. But I went out to my local art museum today because the aforementioned Donato Giancola's works were on display. Anyway, along with some other pretty amazing stuff (which I'll post), there were three mermaid paintings that were completely beautiful. Just thought you should know, and check out this guy's work if you get a chance. There's sci-fi, superheroes, space, and (most excitingly) Middle Earth.

Check it out!

(Content Note: There are boobs.)

(The above three are the ones that were in the particular gallery I saw, but here's some other cool stuff by the artist!)

Anyway, just thought you guys would think  it was cool. I'll be posting some review and such in the forthcoming weeks.



  1. really like to know who the artist is! :D