Friday, March 10, 2017

"A Little Mermaid" Trailer Arrives Online

Welp, I done diddly messed up.
After writing a longass post about the lack of mermaid movies out there, one appears, seemingly out of nowhere and overnight.
Here is the link to "A Little Mermaid", not THE little mermaid. It looks pretty interesting! Circus aesthetics, what is real/ what is not, and some pretty interesting names starring in the film.
I have no idea about much with this film, and I was so excited to finally post something that I didn't hammer out any details. But this is great news!


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  2. I'm pretty excited about it! It definitely touches on some points in the Andersen story, with the whole thing about mermaids not having souls and such. The mermaid design is pretty interesting, but I hope it's not like one or two scenes where she shows a bit of tail.