Monday, June 20, 2011

Antara by Marilena Mexi - Review + Giveaway

**CONTEST CLOSED-Michelle & Rogier Will Both Receive Copies of ANTARA**

This review should have been written quite some time ago. So, I rushed to finish the book, and I skimmed in some places so I could get through faster, as I really needed to get finished, but let me tell you, that didn't keep me from enjoying the book! It was amazing!!!

Antara reads like a fairytale, sort of like a retelling of The Little Mermaid, but not quite. The mythology was very interesting, and I loved the descriptions of the mermaids and the merworld.

The story talks about how everyone deserves a second chance, as King Orestis is given when he falls for Asteria, the mermaid queen. Their romance was beautiful, and they had some of the most tender scenes in the book.

And the twists! I didn't expect for there to be so many surprises! Many of the characters aren't who they seem, and each one is layered and three-dimensional.

As for the writing itself, there were many quotes I really liked in the book. Here's an example: "The pain of dying will surely be nothing, for the pain of love is so much stronger and agonizing." The book has some grammatical errors, but they can easily be overlooked and do not detract from the amazing story.

Also, the art - the art in this book is beautiful and breathtaking. The paintings help add an ethereal beautiful quality to Marilena's descriptions of the underwater world.

So, all in all, Marilena Mexi has created a beautiful, hypnotic world that reads like an old-fashioned fairytale, and it's a story that ends on a hopeful note that there will be more in the future...

Okay, now for the giveaway! If you would like the chance to win an ebook version of Antara by Marilena Mexi, just leave a comment below with your email address and that also states why YOU love mermaids. The contest is open internationally, so anyone can comment! Let's have the contest run until Sunday, June 26th.


  1. this sounds like a great story. thanks for reviewing. i'd love a chance at winning it. i've been fascinated with mermaids for a few years now and sometimes write mermaid short stories for myself when i'm not working on my fantasy novels. since i love the ocean, i like the idea of being able to live in it.

  2. this a cool story what i read/loved merfolk since i was a kid. so liked the disney movie tirteenth year ,now a bit cheasy but still cool. love this species so mutch. can i be selfish i wanna win fb: