Sunday, June 26, 2011

My Personal Favorite Mermaids on the Internet

Hi all! So I'm going to take some time to show you some favorite stops on the internet that involve the mer. Lets dive in shall we? (Yes, I know lame pun) - This blog is run by Carolyn Turgeon, the author of the excellent book Mermaid (It's a retelling of the little mermaid that I have not yet finished). It features anything at all to with mermaids. some of my favorite posts have been with the Mertailor, a few real life "mermaids", Weeki Wachee preformers and artists, and Carmandy from that What Not To Wear Show. It's an excellent blog that updates fairly often:
(of course I'm going to link you twice!)
Sade's No Ordinary Love video- Sade + Mermaids + Beautiful music =

THe Goodreads group Merbooks- This is where  this blog started. Come join the madness as we read, write, review, and talk together

Now I wanna see what you get. Leave links in the comments.


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