Wednesday, October 17, 2012

New 'Mako Island' Photos Revealed!

So, not much is known about the upcoming H2O spin-off series, The Secret of Mako Island. Or Mako Mermaids. Or Mako: Island of Secrets. Jumping jellyfish, this series has gone through so many title changes, I'm not sure what to call it anymore. Anyway,on with the photos.
The first picture shows Zac in merman form. I'm super-excited for this photo, because I wasn't sure how Zac would look. I figured he'd have an orange tail like the mermaids, but nope, Zac's rockin' a light-blue-colored tail, and that trident looks super awesome! I can't wait for the story behind it, and I definitely can't wait to see Zac in merman mode, as well as just what kind of adventures a teenage merman gets himself into.
Next is an image that shows the three leading ladies in human form, talking to an unknown mermaid in the Moon Pool. This actually makes sense to me, though some fans speculated just who this mermaid was and what she was doing there. In the show, the three main mermaids have been exiled from their mermaid pod, as they must come ashore and find Zac and take away his powers. So, judging from the girls' expressions, they definitely don't look happy, so this is probably them finding out that they're banned from going home until Zac is found and his powers stripped. Also, I wonder why the Moon Pool looks so different. I mean, if it's the same Moon Pool, why is it so different. Now, I haven't finished the third season of H2O, so maybe something happens that changes the Moon Pool. (I've heard spoilers...hopefully they're wrong.) Anyway, now we have a better insight into the Mako Island spin-off series (I STILL don't know what to officially call it), and I can't wait to see the actual show come to completion. Anything with mermaids, mermen, and a badass-looking trident is okay with me.


  1. OMG!! OMG!!!!
    Seriously, i cant wait for this! I'm so going to love this series, its going to be my favorite after Once Upon a Time!!

  2. I saw them all in one day they are amazing!!!

  3. Oh and it's called mako mermaids :an h2o adventure