Wednesday, October 17, 2012

New Ocean-Themed Comic Series Coming Soon...And It's Got Mermaids!

Earlier this week, it was announced that a new comic series is coming soon from the creators of Damsels, a comic series about fairytale princesses fighting for their lands. (And the Little Mermaid's one of 'em!) To the right is a picture of the comic series Damsels, with a beautiful mermaid featured on the cover.
Here's what the writer of the series, Matt Sturges, has to say about the new series: "What Damsels does for dry land, this book does for the ocean...We've got mermaids! Pirates! A kraken! Sirens! All wrapped up in fast-past coming-of-age story, filled with treachery, high adventure, and very probably some sharks. (And maybe even a little romance for good measure.) In short: if it's in a fairy tale or legend, and it's wet, we've got it." This sounds SO cool! I've recently gotten hooked on graphic novels (mainly due to my recent reading of Buffy Season 8), and one about mermaids is even better. I'm even more excited that almost every water-related creature from mythology and folklore will be featured. I love all things mythology, and I know a lot about mythological sea creatures. (Trust me, if some of those things actually existed, you'd never go in the water again.) So, what am I hoping out of this series? I'm hoping that the mermaids play a significant role in the series. I'm thinking the pirates might take center stage, like a Pirates of the Caribbean comic, but I'm really hoping the mermaids are the real stars. But for now, it's too soon to tell, so I'm hoping to find out more very soon. Will you guys be checking out this new comic series?

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