Monday, May 2, 2011

The First Annual Mermaid Awards

Imagine...mermaids from all over the world gathering in one city for a night of unforgettable memories. Picture an enormous swimming pool teeming with hundreds of mermaids, all with differently colored tails splashing and playing and laughing.

MerCon, as the event is dubbed, is being held this summer at the Mirage Resort & Casino in Las Vegas. Some notable faces that will be there are Hannah Fraser, Carolyn Turgeon, and Tera Lynn Childs. There's also going to be performances from Marina the Fire-Eating Mermaid!

At the end of the convention, there will be an awards ceremony to award the best the mermaid world has to offer!

There's also going to be an enormous pool where guests strap into their mermaid tails, swim with others of their kind, and watch the entire ceremonies unfold from the poolside!

I so wish I could go, but sadly I won't be able to. What about you guys? Will you guys go? Would you like to go?

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