Friday, July 8, 2011

Casting a Mermaid (or Randi Is A Dork) Part 1: Mermaids

Hello again! I'm sorry i've been gone a while, I've been busy in the Harry Potter fandom.
So this is a four part series on how to cast merpeople into movies. Each post will focus on a different branch of merpeople, this one being your generic mermaid. The next mermen, after that the more evil sirens, and fourthly, selkies (you think I was gonna let that one go?).
So mermaids, we usually think of blondes or gingers (thank you Ariel) with big expressive eyes and a generally small waist.
So what comes to mind for moi?

Ellen Page. I don't particularly know why, but I think Ellen Page would make a fantastic mermaid. She has the above traits, and she's a gifted actress. It might be a bit of a departure from her normal roles (Bliss Cavender in Whip It, Juno McGuff in Juno, Ariadne in Inception).

Karen Gillian from the wonderfully addictive British sci-fi show Doctor Who would also be interesting to see with a tail. She plays a Scottish  companion to the time traveling Doctor who brings wit and wonder to the mix.  She's also quite ginger :)
If you've got any ideas on the subject, comment below, I'll be happy to read them!


  1. What about Blake Lively? She'd make a perfect siren, with her blond locks! But recently, she dyed her hair and wore it Ariel-style. Maybe she could be in the running for the Little Mermaid live-action film? The possibilities....

  2. Liv Tyler reminds me of a mermiad, I think she just a very unique look.With her long dark hair,blue eyes and pouty lips I think she'd make a good mermaid!