Thursday, July 28, 2011

Mermaids: The Magazine

It's official: mermaids ARE the new vampires. And how do I know that? Because our favorite finned females now have an all-new 'zine coming out soon that's all about them. It's a quarterly magazine, which means there will only be four issues a year, but I think it's definitely worth it. I mean, an entire magazine devoted to our favorite girls of the sea? Sign me up! (Or, in this case, subscribe me.) Here's what the magazine's website says about the first issue:

We are so excited to present to you the new mermaid magazine for the world! Mermaids & Mythology, a quarterly publication full of mertastic stories, interviews, mer fashion, mer music, in fact mer everything!!! You can subscribe now and be one of the first people to received the magazine when it is officially released on 21st September on the Autumn Equinox!

About the first issue, the site says:

The debut edition is launching this September, and will be making a splash with some exciting features including Hannah Mermaid, the stunning artwork of David Delamare, and coverage of the World Mermaid Awards. Plus mermaid fashion, mythology and more…
Founder and MerFae Karen Kay says, “I have always loved mermaids and used to draw them constantly when I first moved to Cornwall. I love all things Mer, and love living by the sea, I always feel complete when I look out over the horizon and I love the feelings I get from a calm or stormy sea – unpredictable, wyld and free, a bit like me!”

“When I started FAE magazine back in 2007 there were mermaids in the first and second issues, and they always seem to find their way onto the pages of FAE! So I felt, it was about time they had their own space! A special new mermaid magazine where their watery realms could be explored and adored! And the myths of the sea, with legends and mythology, and some Pirates too!”

So, will any of you be subscribing to Mermaids & Mythology Magazine? Or, you might be able to purchase backissues online as well, in case you don't want to subscribe.

Swim on over to for more information!

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