Saturday, December 17, 2011

Underwater Love: The Fred the Mermaid Trilogy Bind-Up

The Fred the Mermaid Trilogy by MaryJanice Davidson is a light and funny series about a disgruntled half-mermaid and her undersea escapades. The books are becoming harder to find now, although not as hard as some other mermaid books. But now, for those who want to be able to read the entire trilogy, you'll be able to purchase an omnibus edition that contains all three of the books in one epic volume!
It's called Underwater Love, and it features all three books: Sleeping With the Fishes, Swimming Without a Net, and Fish Out of Water. I've reviewed all three of the books in one post here on the MerBlog, so you can check that out and then preorder the book. Underwater Love by MaryJanice Davison splashes into bookstores February 7th 2012!
Are YOU going to get Underwater Love? If you've already read the Fred the Mermaid books, what did you think?

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