Friday, September 30, 2011

Interview + Giveaway With THE VICIOUS DEEP Author Zoraida Cordova

Zoraida Cordova's the awesome author of The Vicious Deep, her debut novel which releases in April 2012. Below's a little snippet of Zoraida's bio:
Zoraida C√≥rdova was born in Guayaquil, Ecuador, where she learned to speak English by watching Disney’s The Little Mermaid and Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker on repeat. Her favorite things are sparkly like merdudes, Christmas, and New York City at night. She loves getting tweets @zlikeinzorro and making funny faces on her YouTube channel ZoraidaLand.
And for those who want to know more about The Vicious Deep, here's the book's summary courtesy of Goodreads:
Set against the backdrop of a Coney Island summer comes The Vicious Deep, the story of sixteen year old Tristan Hart whose life is turned upside down when the mermaids make an unscheduled return to land in search of their new king.
When a sudden storm pulls Tristan from lifeguard duty into a deadly riptide, he discovers what he really is—a prince of the Sea Court. Turns out, his girlfriend hopping and talents as a swimmer aren’t caused by his teenage prime hormones after all.
In this modern Arthurian tale with a twist, when all a guy wants to do is get The Girl and enjoy the freak show that is a Coney Island summer, Tristan has to fight for his life, the lives of his friends, and his humanity, if he still wants it, as he’s caught in a race for a throne that is as ancient as the gods.

And now for the interview! Check it out below:

How did you get the idea for The Vicious Deep?
It starts with a boy.
I've always wanted to write a large scale story about a Sea Kingdom. In the end, I got the idea for Tristan when I saw this pensive and brooding lifeguard at the beach. I had found my merman. I already had his name picked out and the world just fell into place around him.

The Vicious Deep has a male protagonist (which I'm excited about myself). Was it challenging for you to write from the perspective of a teenage boy?
A lot of my best friends are boys so I just wrote like them. I didn't think of it as "writing" from a boy as much as "I'm writing as Tristan Hart." We all have gender stereotypes that make us wonder how a writer can pull of a gender not their own. If you look at books like WILDEFIRE by Karsten Knight and GOING BOVINE by Libba Bray, you think about the voice. You think about the story. You go for the ride.

I love writing in Tristan's voice because that's someone who I'd like to know and see. I'm excited for everyone to get to know him.

Did you have a character that was most fun to write about, or that you maybe felt you could relate to most?
I love writing about the minor characters the best. Sure, everyone cheers for the hero and want to right the wrongs of the villain. But it is the little people that make the book spark. You discover the newness of Tristan's world along side him.

How do you feel about this sudden surge in popularity mermaids have gotten?IT HAS TO STOP!

Just kidding. I love it! It almost seems like there's this collective energy that happens. Like we were writing/selling our novels at the same time. It's all so very cool. I also try not to think of it as a trend as much as merfolk getting their chance in the spotlight. Vampires have become so accessible. But mermaids have always been a mystery. So I hope we can share some of that magic.

What type of research did you do on mermaids for The Vicious Deep, if any?
I feel like the world is what I want it to be. I've grown up looking at a lot of mermaid art. Online, in books, things that I paint myself. I also have some non-fiction books about mermaid sightings. My favorite is a collection of folktales from all around the world depicting mermaids. It reminds me of the stories coming out now with all of our different takes.

What do you hope readers will take away from The Vicious Deep after reading it?I hope they walk away with a desire to read book 2!
On the more serious side, I want everyone to love the world I've created. My modern New York Wonderland.

How many books will there be of Tristan's adventures?There are two sure books. The Vicious Deep and a currently untitled book 2. (There is a title, it's just not official) The outline for book 2 is wayyy long. So, we'll see.

Finally, are there any other projects you're currently working on?
I have a witchy stand alone, a YA with santeria, a vampire novel I've been working on since high school. There are going to be a lot of books!

Now onto the giveaway! Zoraida's offering up a "Mermaid Starter's Pack," which includes a hardcover copy of Siren by Tricia Rayburn, Tempest Rising by Tracy Deebs, and a 5x7 art photo inspired by the novel that includes a one line excerpt. So if you want to be introduced to the mermaid world, or you're already a fan and want to win some great mermaid stuff, here's what to do.

1) Follow this blog. (If you already follow it, more power to ya!)
2) Leave a comment below, telling me who your favorite mermaid/merdude is, and also include your email address.

And that's it! The giveaway ends next Sunday, October 9th. It is only open for the US (sorry, international peeps!) Good luck guys!


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    And I love many mermaids but my first and original love (besides my Sea Wees dolls) was Madison from SPLASH. :)

  3. Hello Zoraida! I'm a new follower. I love to read those books, including your own novel! So please include me if this is open internationally. If not, just ignore my post. :)

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